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Using a smartphone or tablet in Airplane mode

When you enable Airplane mode on your smartphone or tablet, all network connections are turned off.
Here's how to make a good use of a terminal, without an Internet connection:

What is the Airplane mode?

In some places such as hospitals, smartphones and tablets connected to 3G connections can cause interference. Airplane mode was allows you to keep your phone on, without disrupting the operation of other electronic devices.
These connections will be turned off:
  • Telephone network,
  • Internet (3G and Wi-Fi)
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth.

Note that: Airplane mode can also be used to save the battery life.

Enabling Airplane mode:

On Android devices:
  • Press and hold the Power button
  • Enable offline.

On the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch:
  • Tap on settings > Turn on Airplane mode.

How to make a good use of your phone in Airplane mode?

In airplane mode, applications that require a network connection can not be used:
  • Information and news sites,
  • Social Networks
  • Online music and video
  • Cloud services
  • E-mails and messaging
  • Online shopping ...

However, smartphones and tablets offer many opportunities in offline mode:
  • Games: Most games designed for smartphones and tablets are available in offline mode.
  • Music and videos: Most smartphones and tablets can read music and videos (stored on the memory card or internal storage of the device)
  • Reading ebooks: Download and read a book or document on your tablet.

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