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Configure your confidentiality settings on social networks

The use of social networks requires a certain level of control over your privacy settings in order to protect your digital identity. Secure access to your account, configure the visibility of your publications: Here are several tips to get started!

Privacy on social networks: what are the risks for the user?
Most social profiles are created using a real identity (name). The user is exposed to various risks to verious risks without the approriate security settings, filters and options available on social networks:
  • Hacking of your account (impersonation)
  • Visibility of private information (e.g photos)
  • Sharing sensitive information with strangers

Protect access to your account with strong authentication.
This security option requires a two stages of identification procedure (e.g password + code sent by SMS) to access your account.
This option is available:
  • On Twitter
  • On Facebook
  • On Google Plus
  • On Facebook, the privacy settings are accessible from the "lock" button on the top right of the screen.
  • Verify public visibility of his profile: remove information (pictures, interests) that should not appear. If necessary, de-index his Facebook profile from Google.
  • Sort your friends by creating lists (friends, family) to seperate the type of information being shared.
  • Classify your sensitive contacts in the "restricted" list. The members of this list does not have access to shared publications (unless they are public).
  • Managing your history: Hide previous publications or limit their visibility, remove identifications/tags (references by other users, identification of photos).
  • Pay attention to the content published on public spaces: Facebook pages, groups, etc..

Photo credit: Facebook.com

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