Running Lords of the Rings on Vista

Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth II is one of the popular video games. It can be played on Windows Operating System. In Windows Vista the game crashes when starting up: this is probably due to lack of compatibility. A patch would help you enjoy a better video gaming experience. After downloading the patch, extract the files to your desktop. Now install the game in the normal mode and disable the compatibility mode of Windows XP: this will make it work better in Windows Vista. If the video game is bundled with add-ons, like "Rise of the witch king" then add the LSDA for it. Save it on the primary drive under your name and install the latest updates for better gaming experience.


Here is how to run "Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II" (also valid for "rise of the witch king") under Vista.

Indeed, the game crashes at startup due to lack of compatibility with Vista.


  • Download this patch to your desktop:

  • Right-click "extract all" on your desktop.


  • You have to install your game normally and then disable the XP compatibility.
  • To do this:
  • Right click on the icon of the game
  • Compatibility
  • Uncheck the box "Run this program in compatibility mode for" (this is essential to enable the patch)
  • Now if you only have "Battle for Middle Earth II" without the add-on (the rise of the Witch King), you do not need to add LSDA files.
  • Then place the folder "Battle for Middle Earth II" in C: \ [User] \ (your name) \ AppData \ Roaming
  • I suggest you also install the latest update of the game available here: http:
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