The Google Plus Dashboard - manage your online presence

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The owners of Google+ pages now have access to dashboard to manage their online presence on Google Plus and better control various actions to gain visibility via Google services.

The new dashboard is accessible by logging in as an administrator of a page on Google Plus. In addition to the sharing of publications, it allows companies and small businesses to better understand and manage their online presence on the social network and other Google services.

Among the features offered on this dashboard:
  • Centralized information update about a particular trade or business (website, opening hours, telephone number) visible on Google Maps, in the results pages of Google (location-based search) and Google Plus.
  • Google Plus: tracking notifications (comments, +1) and the performance of your publications (statistics), adding administrators to the page, organizing hangouts with subscribers (up to 10 people).
  • Immediate access to Google AdWords campaigns and Google Offers.
  • Access to some statistics, such as queries (keywords) related to your business: this option requires the association of a website to Google Plus.

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