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LinkedIn: Create and manage a business page

With millions of active members, LinkedIn the professional social network ensures the online visibility of public and private structures. The "business pages" are an opportunity for small businesses, SMEs, associations and communities to strengthen their presence on the professional social network and on the web, thus promoting their business, network with members, or develop their HR activities. Here's a handy guide to get started with your LinkedIn business pages.
A business page is a public space to promote the activities of a business within the LinkedIn community and next to Internet users making an online search about a specific business.
  • tTo improve your SEO: a LinkedIn business page is well indexed on search engines.
  • to promote your expertise within the LinkedIn community.
  • to promote services, products and events.
  • social networking, generate more leads and recruit prospects: Using social networks for B2B strategy.
  • to post job offers (a substantial recruitment channel).
  • to network about employees and former employees of a company.

More generally, a LinkedIn business page will enhance the digital identity of the company and its online reputation.
All type companies can create a LinkedIn business page (SOHO, SME, large accounts). This space is open to associations and local communities.

The five areas of activity most represented on LinkedIn are:
  • the information technology sector,
  • the public sector,
  • marketing and advertising,
  • the banking sector.

The prerequisites for creating a business page on LinkedIn are:
  • Be an employee of the company: your current position in the company must be listed in the "Experience" section.
  • Set as primary email address, an address attached to a domain name the company. The domain name must be unique. To define a primary e-mail address.
    • Public webmail are not allowed (e.g Yahoo Mail, Gmail)
    • If the company does not have a unique email domain name: create a group.
  • Already include several relationships in your network.
  • Enhance your profile ( experience, skills, porfolio): to raise your profile strength!

Learn more: http://help.linkedin.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1594
  • Once connected to your profile (and after confirming the previous steps): click on the "Business" tab.
  • Right click on "Add a Company"
  • Follow the on-screen procedure

The contents of a LinkedIn page is organized around four tabs.
Here is the information of a business page that are available to members connected to their LinkedIn account:

Note that: the presentation of information to different to users not connected to a LinkedIn profile
  • Home/Presentation: The public profile page. It includes a description of the company, the company publications (news feeds), members belonging to the corporate network.
  • Products and Services: Displays a selection of products on the page (as well as any recommendations about these products, services).
  • Informations: This section includes information on particular employees of the company and subscribers of the page

Career (paid service): This section allows the company to communicate with recruitment professionals, jobs to be filled, etc..
The administrative tools of a LinkedIn Business page allows you to:
  • Delete a user who is erroneously registered as an employee or former employee of the company (the deletion request must be sent to LinkedIn)
  • Add other administrators to a page,

Note thar: The deletion of a LinkedIn Business page is possible by contacting the LinkedIn Customer Service .
  • Add visual information: a cover image, logo of company, products, banners for your promotional campaign events.
  • In the "Description" section: choose keywords to optimize the SEO of your page(e.g expertise, services).
  • List and illustrate the products and services of the company in the dedicated section.
  • Encourage employees once they are connected/subscribers to the page, to enrich their LinkedIn profiles
  • Send invitations to professional relationships so that they subscribe to the page.
  • Ask for recommendations to subscribers about your services/products.
  • Set specific goals for each publication published.

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