How To Write a Product Description Page

With the proliferation of classifieds websites and online shops, competition in the online market place is absolutely booming. If you're looking to get your start in the online selling space, the most important tool at your disposal is your product description page, which will serve as your "storefront," allowing potential customers to browse your shop and learn more about you and your merchandise.

Here are our best tips for getting started in the online marketplace.

A successful product page is composed of two main elements: text that provides a description of your product, and any accompanying images. The way you publish your ads plays a key role in the sale of your products. Here is a quick run through of the essential elements of a successful product description page.

The title: Catchy and engaging titles will help your ad to stand out against others on the same page. Titles should give an overview of your product information (i.e. type, color, etc.) , but should also not be too lengthy.

The use of adjectives (i.e. "Rent a beautiful house...") or some punctuation (i.e. "Last chance!") can be an effective way to capture audience attention.

Clear and accurate product information: The product page should be clear, informative and well documented. Be sure to highlight details on product features, and offer information on the product's condition and date of purchase.

If possible, we also recommend assigning keywords and categories to improve your ad's visibility.

The price: It is not always easy to estimate the price of a product, yet it is crucial. As a first step, we suggest doing some research on similar products being offered in your category. Having a benchmark on your competitors' pricing will allow you to adjust your prices accordingly. Research has shown that ads published with visual accompaniments can see up to 7 times as many views as ads without accompanying visuals.

Try to provide at least 2 or 3 photos that show your product from a variety of different angles. Ensure that your photos are the best quality possible, and that you show as much product detail as you can. Try to avoid capturing too many things in the background, as this makes images look "messy," and takes attention away from the product. If you're entering the business of selling online for the first time, building your credibility can be somewhat of a slow process. However, you can speed this up by taking the time to ensure that your ads are of the highest quality and that you've presented your product information in the most effective way possible.

Pay close attention to your grammar. Check to make sure that nothing is misspelled, and that your ad is well punctuated. Misspellings and misuse (or general forgetfulness) of punctuation may give your audience the impression that you're not serious about your work, and can therefore diminish your reputation.

Don't forget to title your product. Neglecting an ad title will not only make it significantly harder to locate your product, it also shows a certain amount of carelessness.

Do your best to avoid the use of long product descriptions, unless it is absolutely necessary. While a detailed product description will help users understand the quality and offerings of your product, long winded descriptions cause users to lose interest and begin to look elsewhere.

When it comes to pricing your product, do your best to find a price that is neither too high, nor too attractive. Believe it or not, making a price much too attractive to a buyer can be a red flag, as customers may assume that a too-low price is also an indication of poor quality products.

Finally, when it comes to publishing your ads, take care to post your ad in the appropriate section. A well categorized product will improve your chances of finding interested buyers, and also show potential customers that you took the time to ensure the quality of your publication from start to finish. Thanks to the internet, you have hundreds of potential selling sites at your disposal. Weeding through your options can be overwhelming, but you can make this process a bit easier by approaching your options by category. Here is a list of the most popular websites:

Without a doubt, eBay is the most popular site for selling any number of items from collector pieces to cars. Items can be sold via immediate purchase, or sellers can put items up for bid and take the best offer.

Right behind eBay in terms of popularity,'s online marketplace allows users to browse the site for both new and used products. Upon finding a product, users are immediately shown two options: the option of purchasing a totally new product from either or the vendor, as well as used products being sold by third parties.

If you're looking to sell more locally, Craigslist is a great option to advertise any products or services you have for sale. If you're looking to buy a product, you can also post an announcement for your search, allowing others who may have what you're looking for to contact you directly.

Videdressing is a great site for buying and selling pre-owned clothing. The site offers options for men, women and kids, and even has a dedicated tab for high-fashion brands.

Looking to open your own online shop or storefront? Sites like Etsy and CafePress allow you to create a vendor page and upload your product offerings with accompanying text and photos specific to each item. Items can further be categorized into tabs, making it easier for customers to browse your online shop.

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