Using your Smartphone's GPS - Some road safety tips

April 2018

GPS has become an important tool for drivers. Mobile phones offers a good alternative to dedicated GPS device. When you are driving, it is important to focus on the road. To emphasize road safety, just follow a few simple rules for using your smartphone's GPS!
  • Before hitting the road, choose the application that best suits you. According to the mobile phone being used, several applications can be installed: It is recommended to do some tests to choose the software, you are more comfortable with.
  • Check that the GPS feature of your smartphone is enabled
  • Set the route prior to departure. Make a choice if multiple routes are available (fastest, shortest, without tolls ....).
  • Check that the destination address is correct.
  • Configure the volume levels of the smartphone to clearly hear the indications given by the GPS.
  • Do not follow instruction given by the GPS if it is contrary to the road regulations.
  • Subscribe to a GPS service, to get information about the traffic conditions. Depending on the options chosen, the information is updated in real time or at regular intervals.
  • Depending on your phone model, there are several accessories to fix your phone on the dashboard or the windscreen.
  • Make sure it is stable.
  • Check (regularly) if the phone is not overheating.
  • Disable the GPS feature when not in use.
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