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PDF Converter -Convert your PDF files to doc, xls, txt (Word, ...)

You need to edit your PDF documents (add images, convert to different formats, annotate your documents ...etc), then PDF Converter is the tool you need.

What is PDF Converter?

  • PDF Converter is a shareware published by GIRDAC Info Technologies, allowing you to convert PDF file to doc , docx, xls, xlsx, rtf and txt format, while giving you the ability to keep the quality and layout of the PDF after the conversion: columns, text or graphs.

  • You can also extract images from PDF documents (using different image formats: PSD, JPG, JNG, etc ...)

Using PDF Converter

  • PDF Converter works as such:

  • Launch the software: On the right, you will find all the tools for the conversion and editing PDF files.
  • Choose the format of your choice and then select the file or folder you want to convert.
  • Select the destination folder.

  • The output is customizable, you can choose to keep the default layout or modify certain elements of your documents.

Other features

PDF Converter also allows you to:
  • change the size of your PDF.
  • add bookmarks, watermarks.
  • merge multiple files or split PDF files in several parts.

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