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How to use Skype under Windows 8?

Skype is a free VoIP program that allows users to make telephone calls via the Internet, access to instant messaging, exchange files and communicate via video conferencing. With Windows 8 and its new interface, Skype benefits from a major facelift. Here's a guide to get started with Skype for Windows 8.

  • Skype is available for free in the Social section of the Windows Store. To quickly find the application, type "Skype" on the home page of the Window Store. As for any other application click on Skype > Install.
  • Once downloaded and installed, Skype app (dynamic tile) will appear on the Home screen.
  • Note that: If you have already installed Skype on another Windows 8 device (tablet or PC) using the same Microsoft account, right-click the homepage of Windows Store and go to "Your Applications".
  • Skype should appear in the list, you just have to install it.

  • To launch the application:
  • From the Start screen, click on the blue tile marked as "Skype".

  • You will have to create an account or log-in to your Skype account.
  • Once connected, you can access your home page, where the following items are listed: your recent actions, your bookmarks, contacts and icons allow you to access your profile, call phones, etc ...

  • You will probably want to start by adding your contacts.
  • To do this right-click anywhere on the interface, new options should then appear at the top and bottom of your screen.
  • Click "add contact (The icon should be in bottom right) which should bring up another menu with a search bar where you can enter the name of your contact.

  • Skype will display a directory, where you can find your contacts based on a list of criteria (City, Photo..etc)

  • Once you have found a contact, you can send him an invitation.

  • As for calls and instant messaging, the procedure is exactly the same as the desktop version of Skype.
  • Click the contact you want to chat, a chat window will then open where you will be able to send messages.
  • You will also notice the presence of the three icons for the video conferencing, audio call and the Sharing icon (send a video message or add other contacts to the current conversation).

Also take note of a new feature allowing users to send free video messages to their contacts.

Still uncomfortable with the new version of Skype, read: Get Skype for your desktop.


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