MS Office - Fill an area with 2 bold colors

Fill an area with two colors (no gradient)
The background of geometric shapes, text boxes and graphic inserted into the MicroSoft Office documents can be colored with different types of filling: plain, using a texture or picture or a gradient. The question was asked by rochachana on the forum (25/06/13): How to color an object using two bold colors, with no gradients. E

This procedure was conducted under MS Office 2010, it can easily be adapted to other versions.
  • Right-click in the object
  • Select "Format Shape"
  • Select Fill / Gradient Fill / Angle:
    • Select 0% for a vertical separation.
    • Select 90% for a horizontal separation.
  • You will find 2 cursors on the "Gradient stops" slider. Simply move these cursors to the middle of the slider (the positions should read between 49% and 51% respectively).

If you leave the "Rotate with shape" option checked, the colors will be rotated along with the objects!
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