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Error message - Delivery Status Notification (failure)

When sending emails, the following error message is displayed: "Delivery Status Notification (failure)"


  • Incorrect e-mail address
    • First of all check if the specified email address is correct. Uppercase and lowercase letters play no role in e-mail addresses. Nevertheless, you need to avoid any typos.
  • Unavailability of the server
    • The unavailability of the server forwardin your e-mail address can also be a cause of this errer. This can be caused either by technical or maintenance problems.
  • Mailbox full
    • Your contact's mailbox is full, so there is no room for new incoming mail.
  • Emails with large attachment
    • E-mails with large attachments sometimes are not forwarded to the recipient, as some e-mail providers sets a limitation over the maximum size allowed !

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