NTFS Partition turned RAW

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Configuration: A 150GB hard drive partitioned into:
  • The C drive (50GB) - Containing Windows XP installation
  • The D drive: NTFS partition to store data.

Overnight my D:\DATA (NTFS) partition turned to D:\Local Disck (RAW), without any indication of size, space used, etc. e
I have installed Partition Magic, it detects my partition, but can't scan it: "(error message) Critical error 45.. CRC error in data"!


Open a command prompt:
  • Click Start > Run > Type "cmd" and press Enter.

Enter the following command to scan your partition:
  • chkdsk X
    • Replace X by the letter assigned to the faulty partition.

If indeed there were conversion from NTFS to RAW, Windows will indicate the presence of bad clusters.
  • To correct these errors, enter the following command:
    • chkdsk X: /F
    • Replace X by the letter assigned to the faulty partition.

Thanks to Kemar54 for this tip!
Jean-François Pillou

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