Mozilla Firefox - The most popular extensions!

After using Mozilla Firefox over a certain period of time, you might get to a point where you find that your browser does not offer enough features. Do not worry, Firefox offers several extensions to improve and optimize your browsing experience. Here's a short list of the most popular Firefox extensions:

Adblock Plus blocks all unwanted ads and pop-ups that may appear while browsing. It will also block most of the Flash animations, inline frames, etc. ... thus improving the loading speed of webpages.

WOT determine the level of danger of the sites you visit, based on the impressions of people who previously visited and gave their views on these sites. It will warn you and ask if you are sure you want to access potentially dangerous websites.

Ghostery displays everything about "hidden aspects" of the web. It will detect trackers, tags placed in web pages and other hidden items. You will also get information about these items and learn to control their actions. You can also collaborate by sending information to Ghostery servers!

NoScript increase the loading speed of your web pages by blocking different scripts. You can change the blocking rules to your convenience, specifying the scripts you want to block and establishing a whitelist of allowed websites.

FireFTP gives you access to the FTP server and allows you to upload your files. It also provide several features, such as the syncing of directories, the ability to encode files in SFTP and SL ..etc

Video DownloadHelper allows you to download content from web pages, such as videos or images.You can easily capture video from Youtube, Dailymotion, Google Video, etc. ...

Web developer gives you the ability to manipulate web pages. In fact, you can choose to enable or disable certain applications such as java, javascript, caches, but also manipulate cookies, view and edit the CSS pages, display information about embedded images (size, etc ...), view HTML comments, resize frames, etc. ...

Gmail Notifier allows you to easily manage messages in your mailbox without having to open Gmail from a web browser. So you can read and delete messages, filter spam and more!

FireShot is an extension that will allow you to make screenshots in one click, you can capture full web pages or choose a specific area. It also allows you to edit and annotate your pictures.

Session Manager allows you to save and restore the state of your opened browser windows (history, cookies, data, text, etc ...).

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