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SpyHunter - Fake security blogs

Many "fake security blogs" offer disinfection procedures which involves the download and installation of SpyHunter.
  • These sites have been created to make money via an affiliation system:
  • For each installation or successful sale of SpyHunter, the site or blog from which the software was downloaded, gets paid!
  • A common strategy used to reach a maximum of users, is to get a better ranking in the result pages of search engines:
  • Example: qv06.com highjacks your web browser (start page and search engine) and promotes these fake security websites.

  • SpyHunter is a paid antispyware!
  • If your PC infected, it is likely detected things.

  • Unfortunately not all of the users have the knowledge to understand a scan report, you can't be sure that the items detected correspond to the threat in its entirety and whether Spyhunter is able to permanently clear the infection.
    • Example: The detected items are sometimes, harmless browser cookies.
  • For example in the link below, SpyHunter finds 400 errors (you may think that SpyHunter is super effective): https://forums.commentcamarche.net/forum/affich-28072161-malwarebytes-n-a-pas-detecte-babylone-et-qvo6
  • Even if you pay for the full version, you can't be sure of the result.
  • Example below, two topics where users have paid for the software, but didn't get any results:


  • As you can see in the last post, it's almost impossible to get a refund.

The program can be uninstalled via the control panel:
  • For Windows Vista/Seven: Go into the Control Panel > Programs and Features
  • For Windows XP: Go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs
  • Search for SpyHunter and uninstall the program

Alternatively, you can use Revo Unistaller to remove SpyHunter!
Original document: Faux blogs de sécurité : SpyHunter et Spyware Doctor on https://forum.malekal.com/

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