The ideal spellchecker

April 2018

On most websites and forums, it is important to write your messages/text using a "proper" language:
  • When you post a message on a forum, you should avoid spelling and grammar errors or express yourself in SMS language, as your message may be sudjected to moderation.
  • Writing a resume or cover letter with spelling or grammar errors, no punctuation, ..etc, will lower your chances of getting a job!
  • The corrector Firefox is handy, but has its limitations. It does not correct the agreements between subjects and verbs, does not correct punctuation, endings, do not distinguish between singular and plural.

If you use Microsoft Word, it incorporates an efficient corrector which corrects a lot of errors (as you type)
Open Office also includes a spell checker to flag errors as you type.
  • Note that: You must first install the dictionaries. However, it does not correct grammar errors.

The free spell checkers have their limitations..
Free and complete on-line correction
  • Spellcheckplus is the ideal "tool" for those who love to write texts, comments or messages. The use of this on-line service doesn't require any registration, just go there, type or paste the text in the editor and perform a verification!
  • Go to
  • Paste your text and click on "Check Text".
  • Once verification is completed, the corrector will highlight the spelling or grammar errors. Simply place your cursor over the text to see the suggestions for the corrections.
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