Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn: Sponsored publications and updates

April 2018

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn offer several marketing tools for companies wishing to develop their online presence through their account/business page. These tools will improve the visibility of your publications, help to recruit new subscribers or improve brand visibility. How sponsored tweets /publications/ articles work? What are the rates and how to access these services?
===What are Sponsored Tweets?====
The "Sponsored Tweets" allow companies to broaden the scope of their messages shared on Twitter web service and mobile applications (including third-party applications) and to reach a new audience.
This service is intended for any business present on Twitter, wishing to promote its services/solutions/products to a targeted audience (e.g geolocation).
Sponsored tweets appear in the news feeds of Twitter members (subscribers and non-subscribers of the account from which the campaign was launched), based on various criteria (targeted marketing).
  • Increase the range of important tweets beyond the "organic" audience (limited to followers) to promote business operations/products.
  • Recruit new followers
  • Targeting marketing. campaign can be targeted according to different criteria: geolocation (country, city), gender and interests of members, terminal used (PC, tablet or smartphone)
  • Analysis. A tracking tool to trac results of an advertising campaign in real-time (impressions, click-through rate)
  • The pricing model of service is the "cost per click". The service is charged upon each interaction between Twitter user and a promoted tweet (retweet, reply,..)
  • The pricing is based on an auction system: it is necessary to set a daily budget for your promotional campaign by specifying a maximum amount you want to spend per click.
  • The cost per click is between 0.50 and 1.50 USD
  • The service is billed on a "pay-as-you-go" basis, until the exhaustion of your credits.

===What are Sponsored updates?====
Like the sponsored tweets, sponsored updates on Facebook can extend the scope of publications made on a Facebook Page, making them visible in the newsfeeds of members.
Learn more on this page: Facebook - Target your status updates
Any B2C company (local business and pure player) wishing to promote content (photo, video, link) on Facebook, next to their prospects. This function is only available for pages with least 400 subscribers.
  • Promote a special offer (discount on a product, promotional and seasonal sale)
  • For local businesses (shops) generate traffic.
  • Recruit new fans and brand ambassadors
  • The sponsored updates appear in the news feed of members (subscribers to the page) and in the thread of their friends.
  • Displayed on all devices (web interface, mobile application)

The sponsored updates are billed to the unit: the cost is gradual and depends on the number of members affected by the publication. You can manually set a price.
For example:
  • €5 = between 8800 and 16,600 members
  • €2300 = between 2.7 million and 5 million members

===What are Sponsored updates?====
Read: LinkedIn introduces the Sponsored Updates
===For which companies?====
This service is especially important to companies providing B2B services/solutions/products.
  • Reach a specific audience (policy makers, business executives)
  • Strengthen the brand image,
  • Improve the visibility of your job offers
  • Targeted marketing: It is possible to target LinkedIn members according to several criteria: geolocation, size of business, line of business, position held and years of experience.
  • Analytics tool to evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns.

Cost per 1000 impressions or cost per click.
The cost is determined by an auction system.
Social interactions with the sponsored updates (comments, likes, shares) do not result in additional costs
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