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Some rules and procedures used in the body of the text are not valid or identical when used within a Word table. This is particularly the case for the [Tab] key.

In the body of the text

  • Go to beginning of the line and press the [Tab] key, the text will shift by 1.25 cm (default offset).
  • You can change the default offset using the horizontal ruler .

In a table

  • Go to cell A2, at the beginning of the text and press the [Tab] key, the cursor jumps to the adjacent cell (just like under Excel).
  • To shift the text within a cell, you must use the following key combination [Alt + Tab] .
  • If we go to the last cell and press the [Tab] key, a new row is added at the bottom of the table.
  • Pressing [Shift + Tab] brings you back to the previous cell.


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