Blogger - Changing graphical appearance of your blog

If you want to manage the visual aspect and the graphic elements of the blog, click on "Layout". By default, the blog is composed of five blocks:

  • The navbar: located on the upper edge of the window, for example contains the search box and several buttons.
  • The header: contains the original name of the blog. You can add a description and picture.
  • Posts: containing the tickets issued.
  • Blog archive: provides a listing of securities messages.
  • Who are you? :a brief description of the blog author.

You can add other elements (slide, survey, list of links, etc..) on the homepage of the blog by clicking on the link "Add a Page Element."

The layout options : allows you to choose another model for your blog, but if you change the model, be aware that any changes made to the fonts and colors will be canceled.

The "Settings" tab allows you to change the configuration of the blog. It comprises nine sections:

  • General : here you can eg change the title and description of the blog, prohibit it from being indexed by search engines or simply delete it
  • Show Quick Editing on your blog:allows, when you are logged into your Blogger account, change the messages simply by clicking on small icons visible on your blog.
  • Show links to send e-mail: allows readers to forward your messages to their friends by
  • Publication: if you have a domain name, you can point to your blog.
  • Formatting: you set the timezone in the format of the date headers, language, format of date / time, etc
  • Comments:Here you manage the display of comments, define the categories of users with the right to leave comments.
  • Archiving: you specify the frequency of archiving.
  • Feeds : it is possible to create a thread of information that will allow your readers to be notified of any changes on the blog.
  • E-mail: you can update your blog by sending text and images (10 MB maximum) by email.
  • OpenID: a system that allows a user to authenticate to various Web sites using a single OpenID identifier. In this case, the address of your blog will be used to connect to other OpenID sites.
  • Permissions: by default, all users will see your blog. You can restrict access to a specific category of people. You can also enable users to publish messages on your blog.
  • The "Scoreboard" on the upper edge of the window displays the homepage of your Blogger account.

In the upper part, you access the links that are used to manage the blog (Messages, Settings and Layout). Below you can view the news published on the Blogger Buzz and these articles will help you discover new features or tips to improve the management of your blog.

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