Notepad -Some interesting functions

Notepad may seems to be a program without much interest, but in fact it possesses several interesting functions:

Change the reading order

Not every language has the same reading direction. Example: the Arabic language and all its dialects, are written and read from right to left.
  • To change the reading direction of a text under Notepad:
  • Right-click over a blank space of your document > Right to left reading order.

Create a log file, to take control of your time working on a tex, document...

You are using Notepad to create a document and want to control your working time, follow the below procedure:
  • Enter at the top of the body of the text, the upper left interface Notepad ".LOG" before closing your document.
  • When you reopen the document, the date and time at which the latter was used for the last time, will be displayed.
  • See the image below:

Insert the current date and time

  • To insert the current date and time in your Notepad document, proceed as follows:
  • Click on "Edit" and select Time / Date
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