Windows - How to install an FTP server?

Quick installation

That's it, your FTP server is working.
You can connect to your FTP server and access the contents of C:\Temp

Custom installation

  • Once the TYPSoft FTP Server is launched, you can:
  • Change the root directory of the FTP:
    • Setup Menu> Users> Anonymous> Root directory: click on "..." to choose the root directory of the FTP server> click on "Save".
  • Disable anonymous account:
    • Setup Menu> Users> Anonymous> check "Disable User Account"> "Save"
  • Create user accounts, so that each user has his own directory, or set different rights for each account (read, write..)
    • Setup Menu> Users> click on the "New user" button to create a new user.
    • Password: enter the password.
    • Root directory: select the default directory for this user account
    • Directory Access: Click the download directory and check the boxes, upload, etc.. to allow the user to upload, download, or create directories.
      • You can specify different rights per directory.
    • Click "Save" to save the changes to made to the user account

Create your custome server

  • TYPSoft FTP Server is an application.
  • This means that the FTP server will not start, unless a user is logged on.
  • For an FTP server to starts at the same time as Windows (even if no user session is opened), you must have the FTP server as a service.
  • In this case, use FileZilla FTP Server (also free).
  • The configuration of FileZilla is similar (creating users, defining the rights ...)



To go further: Access your FTP server from anywhere in the world

To connect to your FTP server, you will need to know the IP address of your machine. However, for the majority of ADSL subscriptions, it is dynamic and changes regularly. To connect to your FTP server, you can use an appropriate service: A fixed IP is required for remote connection!


  • An FTP server is a reliable means of transferring files from one computer to another.
  • It is also a convenient way to exchange files with a Linux machine.
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