Mobile Phone Audio Formats

Mobile phones support a wide variety of audio file formats. Some compatibility issues require the prior conversion of audio files to make them readable on multiple devices. Here's an overview of the existing audio file formats and conversion options.

The Audio Formats Supported by Mobile Phones

Depending on the model, mobile phones can handle several types of audio files:

  • MP3,
  • MP4,
  • AAC,
  • WAV,
  • 3GPP
  • SMF
  • OGG.

Determine the Format of an Audio File

The audio file format is easily can be determined, by the extension specified after the file name: .mp3 for example.

Why Convert an Audio File?

Converting an audio file usually responds to a problem of compatibility between multiple devices. Media players used on computers support some formats that are sometimes not supported by mobile phones and vice versa. This is also the case for smartphones using different operating systems (iOS and Android for example).
The conversion of audio files can include:

  • Creation of ringtones for mobile
  • Transfer music.
  • Transferring and playing a voice recording on your computer.
  • Extract the audio from a video.

The Conversion Process

The conversion of audio files can be performed directly on a mobile or from a computer. In general, the process is simple and fast.

Conversion With a Smartphone

Most existing smartphone applications are designed to recover the sound from a video or create ringtones.

  • Open the application.
  • Indicate the path to the file to be converted.
  • Select the destination format.
  • Select the folder to save the file.
  • Start conversion.

Conversion with a computer

Computer software provide wider opportunities by offering a variety of formats.

  • Open the software.
  • Select the file to be converted.
  • Select the destination format.
  • Start conversion.

Example Software

For iPhone, the conversion can be done directly in iTunes.
Quick Media Converter HD
MP3 Converter for Android

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