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How to make a video with a smartphone?

Make phone calls, check your e-mails or calendar, play games ... but also take pictures and videos. Smartphones are versatile devices. Provided that you make use the right applications and follow a few rules, the smartphone is an excellent medium to shoot your holiday videos.
The vast majority of smartphones can capture video. The quality is lower than a dedicated camera, but it is a great tool to shoot pictures and videos on the fly
Depending on the model and operating system, a video application is provided.
Many additional applications are available for download. They allow you to add effects to your videos or share them on social networks.
  • Check the battery,
  • Check the settings on the smartphone.
  • The flash can be enabled or disabled.
  • The image quality may be reduced, for example if you want to send a short video by email or MMS.
  • Some accessories help to enhance the shooting. Think the tripod to shoot movies quite stabilized or microwave to promote better miking.

Once the video is recorded, it is stored directly in the memory of the smartphone. There are several ways to export: either by email, publishing the video on video sharing websites or by transferring the file on a PC or Mac. The video can also, depending on the application, to be shared on social networks.
  • Stitch is available on the App Store. The application allows you to make short videos and share them on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.
  • Instagram allows you to publish 15-second videos. Filter effects can be added.
  • Vine is an application that allows create and publish short videos
  • Magisto is useful for creating video clips, adding a theme, filters and a soundtrack.
  • Movie Studio is a video editing app for Android OS.

Photo: © Pakhnyushchyy - Fotolia.com

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