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Google, Facebook, Youtube ... the most used mobile applications around the world

Current trends lead the users to focus on mobile devices. While more and more people favor the use of smartphones to access to the internet, what are the applications being used? The GlobalWebIndex company conducted a survey next to the mobile users. The number of applications available on a smartphone/OS is one of the most important criteria, when purchasing a device. GlobalWebIndex, surveyed mobile users about the mostly used applications. For this purpose, a simple question was asked: "What applications did you use last month? ".

The top 10:

At the 1st place, Google Maps services were used by 54% of mobile users. The Google group is also found at the third position with the Youtube application, used by 35% of respondents and fourth place with Google + Mobile App, used 30% of mobile users.
44% of people used the Facebook mobile application, putting the social network at the second place of our list. Instagram, acquired in 2012 by Facebook, appears in 10th place, having been consulted by 11% of mobile users.

At the 5th place is a social network only available in Chinese: Weixin was used by 27% of mobile users.
Just behind we get Twitter, Skype, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp Messenger. Twitter, Skype and Facebook Messenger were used by 22% of people, against 17% for WhatsApp.

  • Google Maps - 54 %
  • Facebook - 44 %
  • Youtube - 35 %
  • Google + - 30 %
  • Weixin - 27 %
  • Twitter - 22 %
  • Skype - 22 %
  • Facebook Messenger - 22 %
  • WhatsApp Messenger - 17 %
  • Instagram - 11 %

This survey provides an overview of mobile applications currently being used arounf the world. Unsurprisingly, messaging applications and social networks are present in the top 10.

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