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WordPress - How to insert images in your posts?

The Wordpress content management system is one of the most used popular blogging/webpublishing solutions, as it already include all the necessary options to publish and optimize the SEO of your articles. Wordpress also allows you to illustrate your articles with images.

In this article you will learn how to illustrate an article:
  • In the publishing interface, click where you want to add the image.
  • Click on the Upload/Insert button located at the top-left corner of the publishing interface:
  • The Add Media dialog shall open, using the tabs located at the top, you can either choose to upload an image:
  • From your Computer: You can either drag and drop files using the multi-file uploader or use the browser uploader:
  • From a URL: Copy/paste the URL of the image file in the URL field, give an name to the image, select the alignment and click on "Insert into Post".
  • Complete the following information fields: title, caption, description and alternative text .
  • The "alternate text" field is highly recommended for SEO optimization. This information can be used by browsers which do not support the image files, or in cases where the image is not available. Some softwares designed for users with visual disabilities, can use the alternate text as an information source
  • Alignment: this will determine where the image will be displayed in the post:
    • Center
    • Right
    • Left
  • Link to: This feature allows you to link the image to a file, or a custom url
  • Size: Select the size of the image. Wordpress may offer several sizes:
  • thumbnails
  • medium
  • large
  • original size.

These settings can be modified at any moment.

The image is inserted into your post:
  • Visual Mode:
  • HTML Mode:

Switch to visual mode and click on the image.
Two icons appear:
  • The first button opens the Properties panel of the image
  • The second button deletes the image.

Several modifications are possible from the properties panel:
  • Adjust the size of the image (expressed as a percentage)
  • Change the alignment of the image
  • Edit the title, alternate text and other fields.
  • Removal or addition of a target link

Photos added to your articles are automatically saved in the Media Library of Wordpress. This library is accessible from the dashboard (Media > library).
Given that the Media Library contains other type of media (document, PDF, images..), you can sort items by checking the box next to Images. All the information about your images is listed here: thumbnail and image name, type, date of publication and more.
  • Click to edit a picture (caption, description and alt text).
  • You can add an image to the library by clicking on the Add button.
  • Images from the Library can be (re)used in your articles.

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