Make an optimal use of the speech recognition features of your smartphone

Most modern smartphones natively integrates a voice recognition feature. A practical "hands-free" feature that has multiple uses:

  • search for contacts,
  • dictating memos and notes,
  • share articles on social networks.
  • make a search on the internet.

Learn how to make an optimal use of the speech recognition possibilities of Android and iOS.

  • Windows Phone natively includes a voice recognition feature (called "Speech) based on simple commands that allow you to perform various tasks.
  • Press and hold the Window button for a couple of seconds to enable this feature.

Some commands:

Other features:

  • Go to Settings > Voice, to enable the dictation feature. You can also configure your smartphone to automatically read incoming SMS (when headset is connected).
  • When you install new applications, they will add their own commands to those already present.
  • Sometimes you will see a microphone icon in certain text fields, as it is the case for Bing search. **Tap on this icon to switch to switch to speech recognition mode.
  • To get an idea of all the commands available on your Windows Phone, access the wizard by pressing the Windows button for a couple of seconds and then press the question mark button.

Since the last update ("Ice Cream Sandwich"), voice recognition on Android has been significantly improved: it is possible to visualize the texts that appear on the screen in real time and this feature has been extended to many compatible applications.

Some Android apps (built-in or downloadable) take advantage of speech recognition to perform various tasks:

  • Google Voice Search: This application allows users to perform searches on their smartphone or internet using voice commanda(e.g keywords, search for nearby places if the GPS is enabled).
  • Vlingo (on Android): This application allows you to dictate text messages, set an alarm, publish updates on Twitter and Facebook, get directions, take notes, etc..
  • Notepad Voice Memo: an application for taking notes
  • Notepad Voice Memo : a professional application to create to-do list.

Siri is an intelligent personal assistant launched in 2011 and is compatible with all Apple smartphones as from the iPhone 4S.

It is based on three combined technologies

  • Advanced speech recognition,
  • Natural language processing (recognition of complex statements. For example: "Is there an Italian restaurant in the area"?)
  • Speech synthesis: the assistant answers to user queries.

Here are some examples of possible actions that can be initiated with Siri:

  • looking for information about your contacts (address, phone number, etc..)
  • alarm configuration
  • sending messages (SMS, e-mails)
  • initiate telephone calls,
  • voice search for nearby places: restaurants, museums, ATMs etc.
  • publish messages (update status) on Facebook and Twitter.
  • get directions .

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