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Firefox - The Clippings add-on

Clippings is a useful Firefox add-on allowing you to easily copy/paste lengthy text, when replying on forums. In two clicks, you can copy/paste a very long text.

Installation under Firefox

How to add a new clipping?

  • Bottom right of your Firefox window, you will see a new icon, double-click to open the *Clippings manager.
  • Click "New Clipping" and fill in the title and body of the message (paste the text of your *choice).
  • You can also assign a keyboard shortcut to your clipping.

How to insert your clipping in a message

  • Right-click in the text field > Clippings, choose the clipping of your choice
  • Save your Clippings

Export your clippings

  • Open the Clippings Manager
  • Click on Options
  • Click Export ... .
  • Select the format in which you want to save Clippings you want to save and click on Export

How to recover your lost clippings

  • Following an update of Firefox, your clippings are missing!
  • Look for the clipping file in C:\Users\Username\.clipbak

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