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Dragon Naturallyspeaking - Installation and first use

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a speech recognition and dictation software. It allows you take control of your PC with your voice: launch applications, send emails and surf the internet.
  • First you will need to close all running applications, disable your antivirus and uninstall any previous version of the software if you have one.
  • Run the exe file.
  • Select the destination folder: C:\Program Files\Nuance\Naturallyspeaking
  • Choose between a typical or custom installation
  • Activate the software using your key
  • Complete the installation
  • A new user creation wizard launches automatically for you:
  • Choose the language
  • Define a dictation source
  • Select and set the microphone (test quality and volume)
  • Define the writing style
  • Optimize and collect data

A tutorial is then proposed.
You can add the Dragon Naturallyspeaking toolbar to your desktop for quick access.
Official website:http://www.nuance.com/dragon/index.htm

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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