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Locate your mobile on a map (Geotagging)

Over the years, the theft of mobile phones has been on the rise. Applications to geotag your mobile phone are available for the different mobile OS platforms. Are they really effective? How do these apps work?

How do these apps work?

Mobile phone operators have the possibility to evaluate the distance between each cellphone and get their geographical coordinates on a map (satellite reception). These data are of course confidential. The "author" of these application, program or geolocation software acquires the data from the mobile phone operators and displays them on a map.

Some useful apps


  • For iPhone users, Apple has provides a free application known as "Find My iPhone".
  • It works with any other device running iOS. Sign in with your Apple ID to "trace" your phone/device on a map.
  • The app also allows you to remotely lock or delete and secure your personal data.
  • Also works with the iPad, iPod touch, Mac ...


  • The mobile tracker app from Samsung (Samsung Dive), is free and allow you to locate your Samsung mobile and block information and data contained therein.


  • BlackBerry has also developed its own app: BlackBerry Protect. It is directly integrated into the BlackBerry ®10 OS. For earlier versions, the application is downloadable here


  • Simply visit the Google Play Store to find a geolocation apps for your Android smartphone. Find My Phone is one of the most popular software!

Windows Phone

  • Go http://www.windowsphone.com/en-gb windowsphone.com site.
  • Go to the drop-down menu My phone
  • Sign-in with your Windows Live ID.
  • Then click on Find My Phone.
  • Follow the instructions.

Mobile phone operators

  • Finally, check with your mobile phone operators for the availability of such services!

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