Thunderbird - The calendar feature (Lightning add-on)

Thunderbird gives you the opportunity to easily save, organized and create alerts for your appointments or other important events, received in your emails.
The "Calendar" feature of Thunderbird is an add-on which can be downloaded from this link:

How to use the calendar of Thunderbird?

Once you have downloaded and installed the calendar add-on uder Thunderbird, new buttons will be added top right.
You can create multiple calendars and name them as you want, such as Family, Work, Appointments, Birthdays..etc
Right-click in the Calendar section (left-pane) > New Calendar.
To create a new event, click on"Events" and add the information, time and date of your event.
Click on "Save and Close".

Export Events, Calendars and Tasks

  • Go to "Events and Tasks"
  • Select "Export calendar"
  • Select the backup location on your PC
  • Your calendar has been saved

Import a Calendar under Thunderbird

  • Go to "Events and Tasks"
  • Select "Import"
  • Select the calendar you want to import on your PC (for Outlook calendars, simply export them in the .ics format).
  • Click OK to access your calendar
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