HootSuite introduces a social verification feature to secure the access to the dashboard

HootSuite the popular social dashboard, introduces a new authentication factor to strengthen the security of access to its online service. In addition to their usual password HootSuite, users will now validate their access by entering the password associated with one of their social profiles stored on their dashboard (Social verification).

On its official blog, HootSuite give details about the increase in the unauthorized access to accounts attempts and about the spammers trying to use passwords stolen on third party services to access HootSuite profiles, which represent a real threats to businesses managing their different social profiles via HootSuite.

A social verifcation using your Twitter/Facebook credentials or e-mail
To remedy this issue, HootSuite introduces an intermediate authentication step. At each connection, users must validate their access confirming the password associated with an social profile (Twitter, Facebook) present on their dashboard or using an email address.
This verification procedure will be applied to each connection from an unrecognized IP address.

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Photo credit: HootSuite
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