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Special offers and discounts for students!

As a student you may require new hardware and software. However, they have a cost!
To help you find your hardware and software at an affordable price, here's a small guide:
  • For institutions participating in the Apple on Campus program, the MacBook (Air, Pro), as well as the iMac, are offered at a discount of up to 12%.
  • To benefit from this offer, just buy your product from the Apple Store dedicated to your college/university.
  • To check if your college/university participates in AoC program, click here
  • Warning: AoC offers may be limited in time.
  • With the Microsoft Campus program, you can buy a new laptop at discounted prices.
  • To check if your university/college participates in Microsoft Campus program, click here
  • Even if your college/university is not part of Microsoft Dreamspark program, you have the opportunity to get personally involved, by providing the proof that you are a student.
  • Some programs are free and others are sold at a discount.
  • For more information, click here.
  • Your college/university may be involved in other type of programs. You can check for offers available by logging-in to the intranet of your institution.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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