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Complete the installation of the Fedora Core

For legal issues , Fedora Core ( North American distribution ) provides no default package to play multimedia files ( MP3 , DivX , DVD). Similarly, proprietary software such as Adobe Reader , Adobe Flash Player , Real Player have been banned!

You must completed the installation with Yum or Apt .

Note that these instructions also apply to the Aurox distributions (based on Fedora Core), but also to the Red Hat distribution.
Yumex is a improved version of Yum ( package manager ).

To install it, open a console and type:

# su 
# root_password
# yum install yumex

By the end of this installation, indicate the mirrors. In the same root console:

# cd /etc 
# mv -f yum.conf yum.conf.bak 
# wget www.fedorafaq.org/samples/yum.conf 

If you added the mirror to the FreshRPMs repository, you can add all your packages (using Yumex or Yum) without having to download them separately.

To install these packages manually, go to https://freshrpms.net/ or http://www.rpmfind.net/linux/RPM/freshrpms/fedora/5/index.html and individually download any missing packages.

For example download the following packages in RPM format and store them in the same folder:
- a52dec
- lame et glame
- libdvdcss, libdvdread
- ogle et ogle-gui
- xine et xine-lib
- xmms-mp3, xmms-wma
Install XMMS first (using Yumex) and then install the packages (as root):

# cd /home/teutates/Download/Multimedia 
# su 
# rpm -Uvh *.rpm

Win32 codecs are used to read file formats used under Windows OS. They can be downloaded from this link http://avifile.sourceforge.net/binaries-011002.tgz

To install these codecs:

# cd /home/teutates/Download/Multimedia/Codecs 
# tar zxvf binaries-011002.tgz

You now have a directory named as win32, copy it in /usr/lib.

# su
# cd /home/Teutates/Download/Multimedia/Codecs/win32
# cp -pR /home/Teutates/Download/Multimedia/Codecs/win32 /usr/lib
For MPlayer and its interface :

# yum install mplayer 
# yum install mplayer-gui

For VLC:

# yum install vlc

For Kaffeine:

# yum install kaffeine

Two media players are available for GNU / Linux:

  • Helix Player is free and can read the Ogg Vorbis (audio) and Theora ( video ) formats.
  • Real Player ( a proprietary software) is now based on Helix Player and has features to read most non-free formats (Real Audio , MP3, MPEG- 4 ... ) .

You can download them from the following links:

You can also install the Firefox plugin by copying nphelix.so and nphelix.xpt files to the Plugins folder of Firefox.

By installing RealPlayer using the RPM method, you should find these plugins in: /usr/local/RealPlayer/mozilla
Copy them to /usr/lib/firefox-
Which gives us:

# su 
# cp -pR '/usr/local/RealPlayer/mozilla/nphelix.so' 
'/usr/local/RealPlayer/mozilla/nphelix.xpt' /usr/lib/firefox-

You need to copy:
- MPlayer plugins , which are located in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins
- MPlayer components that are located in /usr/lib/mozilla/components.

# su 
# cp -pR '/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/mplayerplug-in-gmp.so' 
'/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/mplayerplug-in-qt.so' '/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/mplayerplug-in-rm.so' '/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/mplayerplug-in.so' '/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/mplayerplug-in-wmp.so' 
# cp -pR '/usr/lib/mozilla/components/mplayerplug-in-gmp.xpt' '/usr/lib/mozilla/components/mplayerplug-in-qt.xpt' '/usr/lib/mozilla/components/mplayerplug-in-rm.xpt' '/usr/lib/mozilla/components/mplayerplug-in-wmp.xpt' '/usr/lib/mozilla/components/mplayerplug-in.xpt' '/usr/lib/firefox-'

Download the source package from https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

Close your web browser.

# cd /home/Teutates/Download/Flash_player_7 
# tar zxvf flash_player_7_linux.tar.gz 
# su 
# cd /home/Teutates/Download/Flash_player_7/install_flash_player_7_linux 
# ./flashplayer-installer

Follow the instructions:
To indicate the installation path of the browser:


If you have other browsers press <y> and specify the path again.
Otherwise tap <n> .
Download the package from www.java.com
At the end of the installation don't forget to insert a symbolic link:

# ln -s /usr/java/jre1.5.0_06/plugin/i386/ns7/libjavaplugin_oji.so /usr/lib/firefox-

If you want to install Adobe Reader (instead of using open source alternatives such as GSView , KGhostView , KPDF , Xpdf ) download from: www.adobe.com.

RPM Package:

# cd /home/Teutates/Download 
# rpm -Uvh /home/Teutates/Download/AdobeReader_fra-7.0.5-1.i386.rpm

Or use the tar.gz package:

# cd /home/Teutates/Download 
# tar zxvf AdobeReader_fra-7.0.5-1.i386.tar.gz 
# su 
# cd ./AdobeReader 

- Choose the installation directory:


Follow the instructions and at the end of the installation don't forget to indicate the path to your browser:



A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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