Audio - converting .RAM, .RM, et .RA to .WAV


  • With DB POWER AMP Converter .RM are converted without problem. For. "RA" and."RAM", they must go through the recorder (we record what the sound card is able to produce), not very practical since it must rename the generated files, and TAGS .
  • Winamp 5 has a plug-in capable of reading. "RA" of. "RM" and ". RAM, and a plug-in output that can write to a file: Winamp crashes randomly, the 2 plug-ins are not compatible ... (playback only works well)
  • The official website (, stated that Streambox Ripper is no longer supported:
"Thank you for your interest in Streambox Ripper. Although Ripper is no longer sold or supported, Streambox makes many quality products we invite you to discover."  
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