Screen size, resolution, sound level: What are the perfect settings for watching movies?

With television screens becoming larger and multiplication of display technologies (3D, LED. ..), image quality has significantly been improved since the VHS era. To fully enjoy this new features, a few settings and adjustments are required.

  • The WMV format is often used for video streaming/downloading. It requires the Windows Media Player for playback.
  • AVI is one of the most common. It is compatible with most video playback software .
  • The MOV format can be used for high definition videos. This format can be read with Quicktime .
  • DivX and Xvid formats are widely used : they allow a lighter video without lost image quality. They can be read by most software, provided you have the appropriate codecs.
  • The MPEG 4 is the high-definition format used for Blu-ray discs.

  • Windows Media Player plays the majority of formats and comes with a simple interface .
  • Media Player Classic is recommended especially for old computers. It is also able to play most formats.
  • VLC is one of the lightest and complete software.
  • DivX Plus is specially oriented for the DivX format. It is also compatible with the MKV .
  • Foobar2000 is an underrated player, able to handle a wide variety of video formats.

  • If the computer is equipped with an HDMI or DVI connector, connect it to your TV using the proper cable. HDMI can transfer sound and image, while DVI only transfer video.
  • Alternatively you can me use of an S-video cable to connect your TV to your PC
  • Adjust computer settings accordingly
  • Choose the multimedia content you want to display on the TV screen .

  • Take into account the size of the file . The storage space available on a tablet or smartphone may indeed limit the weight of a video.
  • Choose a compatible app to read the video.

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