How to read e-books on your tablet?

April 2018

E-books have become quite popular among Internet users and can now be downloaded from various online bookstores. Did you know that tablets can be used as e-readers?
  • Electronic readers are appreciated for their ease of use: The back-lighted screen provides optimal reading conditions, they are energy efficient, most of them have a slim design and are lightweight ... The majority of e-readers integrated Wi-Fi.
  • The tablet is oriented for a multimedia use, can also be used to read ebooks.

On e-readers, applications are installed by default .
To read a digital book on a tablet, it may be necessary to download an application that will support all major formats ( ePub, PDF,AZW ... )
  • iBooks : is an iOS application to read ePub . It also gives access to the iBookstore , Apple's digital library.
  • Bluefire : Available for iOS and Android , the application can read the ePub format and also allows access to Feedbooks, a library of free public domain books.
  • Kobo : application available on iOS and Android. Format supported: ePub .
  • Kindle : Now available for iOS and Android. It gives access to Amazon's catalog (format supporte: AZW)
  • The ePub format is a standard file format for digital books. The text automatically adjusts to the size of the screen. File size up to several megabytes.
  • The PDF format is also used for digital books. The size of the file sometimes go up to 100 MB . The text is not optimized for tablets.
  • The AZW is a proprietary format from Amazon. It is intended to be used on the Kindle, that is to say, the Amazon e-reader.
  • Ebooks can be downloaded from online bookstores . Some vendors also offer this type of service on their own website.
  • Some e-books are free. This is the case of works in the public domain, like Conan Doyle, Jules Verne, Jack London or Rousseau ... It can also include books by authors who have opted for a free download to promote their novels.
  • The price of a digital book is cheaper than the physical version (15-20 % less).

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