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Yahoo! Calendars - Appointments and tasks

Yahoo! Calendar offers you the possibility to organise your tasks, appointments and meetings using Yahoo Mail service. In this short article, you will learn how to use Yahoo! Calendar and manage your appointments, tasks and to-dos with it.

To use Yahoo! Calendars you need to have an email address on Yahoo!. To create one you can read this article.

How to Use Yahoo! Calendar

Sign in to your Yahoo mail account and click on the Calendar tab in the top right corner. You can add an event or a task by clicking on a square corresponding to the date and time. Name your event and add a location. You can click on Add more details if you’d like to invite your colleagues, add some notes or schedule a reminder. You can view your calendar by «Today», «Day», «Week», «Month», «Year» or as a «List».

You can create multiple calendars by clicking on the small + button > Create Calendar.

How to Make To Do Lists

On the right column, you can see your To Do List. To add a task to your list you can click on + and write a title, due date and choose the priority.

By clicking on the Actions button, you can share your calendar with colleagues or friends, add holidays or hide you 'To Dos'.

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