Edit your labels

April 2018

If you already have a list of data under Excel, it is very easy to extract labels from it using the Mail Merge Wizard of MS Word.
Version: Microsoft 2010 (Tools and commands can be easily adapted to other versions).
  • Open Word.
  • Go to the Mailing tab > Start Mail Merge section
  • Start Mail Merge > Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard
  • Step 1: choose "Labels".
  • step 2: click on [Label Options ...] and indicate the reference for the label sheets.
  • Step 3: Enable "Use an existing list", [Browse ... ] to find the directory containing the data file, check "All data sources" or "Excel", choose the right Excel file and open it (Sheet1$).
  • Step 4: write the first label (text, logo and fields of the database by clicking on [Other ]), format the text,set the layout the label (alignment, spacing) and click on the [Update all labels] button.
  • Step 5: check if result is consistent with what you wanted [Preview your labels] and possibly use [ Edit recipient list ... ]
  • Step 6: You can directly [Print ...], but it is recommended to edit the labels individually ... in order to correct or complete manually your tags, and save the file as a whole and print it when needed.
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