Airdroid - Use your PC to send and receive SMS from your Android smartphone

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Would you like to send text messages from the comfort of your PC? AirDroid is a small application allowing you manage text messages received and sent from your smartphone Android (Galaxy S4, S3, etc..) directly from your PC. Once AirDroid is installed on your mobile phone, you only need access the AirDroid page from any Web browser and connect both devices using a simple QR code .

Connecting your PC and Android device

  • Download and install AirDroid on your Android device
  • Launch AirDroid
  • The AirDroid web address and a button to scan the QR code will be displayed:
  • As you can see a QR code is displayed on the homepage.
  • Simply scan it with your mobile, by pressing on the Scan QR code button of the Airdrop app.

Once connected both devices, the model of your smartphone will appear at the top right of the screen

Send and view messages

  • On your PC click on the Messages icon
  • In the window that opens, you will see the history of received messages and a New Message button.*Click on New Message
  • In the To field: select the contact of your choice
  • Write your message in the box in the bottom and click Send.
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