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How to use Feedly for content curation?

Feedly is one of the most popular tools for content curation. Optimized for web and mobile use, it allows you to sort, aggregate and classify information from hundreds of sources. How to effectively organize your day with Feedly?
Connect to your personal cloud on: http://cloud.feedly.com./
The first step is to select information sources (blogs, online newspapers).
The "Add content" tool locate in the upper left of the screen allow you to search and add content:
  • by URL
  • by tagged keyword
  • RSS

Some tips to organize your work:
  • Focus on a single theme (at a given time).
  • Don't forget to name the classes/categories and select how to classified your sources.
  • Don't forget to include several types of sources
  • Update your sources regularly to avoid the unnecessary saturation the dashboard
  • Check the "Must read" box next to important sources of information .
  • The"Personnalize" tab gives you access the full list of categories and sources of information.
  • If the sources of information do not belong to the right category, it is possible to reassign them to other existing or new categories.
  • Feedly provides access to multiple display modes:
  • List: display only the titles of articles
  • Magazine: Articles are presented in the form of a webzine (title, picture and intro)
  • Thumbnail: Title and illustration of the most recent article.

The display modes are selective: it is possible a specific display mode to each of your information feed.
The "Preferences" tab provides access to useful tools to customize the Feedly interface and improve reading comfort .
It allows you to:
  • Customize the home page: index of sources, information feeds
  • Hide viewed items
  • Hide categories (that are not updated)
  • Set the display density

A search engine (based on keywords) is integrated to Feedly : it allows you to search in the news feeds.
Feedly offers several keyboard shortcuts:
  • From a news feed:
    • j : Open the following article
    • k : Open the previous article
    • n : go to the next item
    • p : move to the previous item
  • From an article :
    • m: marked as read
    • s : save for later
    • Shift + s: share
    • t: tweet article

The complete list of keyboard shortcuts is available: here
It is possible to add a label (tag) to each viewed item. This feature allows you to create sub-categories.
Feedly is connected to multiple services that can save/archive articles for later (on web and mobile) :
  • Save for later
  • Evernote
  • Instapaper
  • Pocket

Each open item Feedly includes specific buttons for easy sharing:
  • Google Plus
  • twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Email

Feedly also integrates "Buffer", an application that allows you to schedule the sharing of publications on Twitter and Facebook.

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