Word - Creating and saving your graphics

When you want to create a chart without accurate data under Word or Excek, you can make use the "Quick Parts" command:
To do this, first manually create your graphics using the drawing tools of Word:

  • Create a Canvas : Insert tab > Illustrations > Shapes > New drawing canvas
  • Draw the axes using the line tools : "Insert > Shapes
  • Add text boxes to label the axes: " Insert > Text Box "
  • Add grid and title area if necessary
  • You can group the elements of design : "Organize - Group "

  • To save your graphis: Insert> Quick Parts > Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery".
  • Insert tab > QuickPart.
  • Insert your graphics.

Here is an example of a graph (added with Quick Parts ) in a Word document : https://www.cjoint.com/c/CJiqLFOdVtd.

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