Picasa - Editing your pictures

Double-click on a thumbnail to open the editor window. It offers various editing tools and some filters.
The "Basic Fixes" tab provide access to several tools:
  • Crop: Frame or cut parts of your photos.
  • Straighten: A slightly skewed image can be corrected using this feature.
  • Redeye correction tool.
  • I'm lucky: this button enhances dark and light colors. It also adjusts the color and contrast in an optimal way.
  • Auto Contrast: you optimize the brightness and contrast of your image, in one click .
  • Auto color: shades of colors are erased and the balance is restored.

The "Cancel" button will remove the last modification made to the images. The Settings tab contains several sliders to adjust the lights, shadows, and color temperature. Finally, the "Effects" tab offers several filters for your images.
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