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How to Delete Messages in WhatsApp

This article explains how to delete messages or chats in WhatsApp. You can delete individual messages, conversations or your entire chat history, but it should be noted that a deleted message can't be restored.

Method 1- Delete individual messages

Open a chat, tap and hold on the message you want to delete until it is highlighted in blue. The number displayed at the top of your screen indicates that a message has been selected. At this point you have two choices; you can either select more messages or tap on the Trash bin icon to delete the selected message(s):

A warning message will be displayed Delete message?. Tap on Delete to confirm.

Method 2 - Delete a conversation

Select and open the conversation you want to delete from the Chats screen. Tap on the Menu button appearing at the top left corner of your screen. Tap on More > Clear Chat:

A warning message will be displayed Are you sure you want to clear ALL messages in this conversation?. Tap on OK to confirm.

Method 3 - Clear your chat history

This final procedure explains how to clear all your messages and conversation in WhatsApp:
Go to the Chats screen, tap on the Menu button > Settings > Chat Settings:

Two options are available:

Clear all chats: Delete the content of your chats. Messages are deleted but the chats are still listed in the Chats screen.

Delete all chats:Clear all chats and messages:


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