Webstagram : View photos shared on Instagram

How to view photos shared on Instagram ... other than using the iOS or Android app ? This can now be achieved with the Webstagram site.

A new aggregator of all content on the famous photo sharing application, this site offers an array of features, which complement those of the social network. Access to Instagram is limited indeed. To connect to the service you are required to create an account or to have the nickname of an account you want to view, the interaction is confined to comments or "likes". Webstagram change the rules!

Tools for integrating a images streams to your website
A search engine allows you to explore all the "hashtags " used on the social network and search for the photos of specific users. The most popular images are also highlighted, along with a photo of the day.

Webstagram provides the Internet users with the necessary codes to integrate share buttons or image streams to a website or a blog.

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