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Cloud solutions to access your data from anywhere

Cloud computing is widely used by professionals and individuals for the storage of the data. How to use these type of storage services and what are the benefits?

Some tips to get started:
Cloud computing allows users to host their data on an external server and synchronize them across several devices. The data accessible from any computer or mobile

device connected to the Internet via a dedicated cloud application.
Based on the cloud service used, you can:
  • Store documents and files.
  • Share files or sync them across multiple devices.
  • Edit, create and view documents.

Cloud solutions are compatible with most types of files:
  • Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.
  • Pictures.
  • Videos.
  • Music.

The public clouds are designed by third party services (Google, Microsoft, telephone operators, ISPs... ) and made ??available to individuals and business users.
To use a cloud solution, the process is simple:
  • choose an application.
  • open an account.
  • create folders.
  • upload your documents.

The term "public cloud" does not mean that the files are available to anyone. By carefully configuring the sharing settings, it is possible to define which users are allowed to view and or edit files.
The private clouds are mostly used in business. The cloud solution is usually tailored to the needs of the structure and may only be accessed by employees.
Its mode of operation is similar to that of a public cloud solution.
Cloud computing has many advantages:
  • Convert your documents to a digital format.
  • flexible storage solutions which are easily adapted to the needs of users.
  • files are stored virtually on secured servers (backup).
  • collaborative work is facilitated as the documents can be edited in real time.
  • cloud solutions are often free or inexpensive.
  • documents stored in the cloud can be accessed from any device, with an Internet connection

Among the best known solutions:
  • SkyDrive (Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, PC, Mac).
  • Google Drive (smartphone, tablet, PC).
  • [www.dropbox.com/ Dropbox] (Smartphone, Tablet PC).
  • iCloud (iOS, Mac).
  • [aws.amazon.com/? Amazon Web Services].

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