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Private cloud solutions for businesses

The private cloud computing solutions provide companies with a better control of their computing resources and privileged access to their hosted application.
The private cloud (internal or private ) is defined as the establishment of an private network or a data center providing access to hosted services, to a limited number of users. Specifically, the different services provided on the private cloud are either administered directly by the company (which manages the infrastructure only) or pooled/outsourced (to a trusted provider). This model is supposed to bring the benefits of public cloud computing (lower cost related to the virtualization of applications, in the case of a shared infrastructure) without the drawbacks: focusing on data security constraints.
According to the survey entitled " Cloud Computing in France" published by the Pierre Audoin Consultants in collaboration with EMS, Intel and VMware, the private cloud is favored by the DSIs. Out of a panel of 200 IT decision makers:

  • 71% prefer to invest in a private cloud solution against
  • 13% would rather invest inn hybrid infrastructure
  • Only 7% will be opting for public cloud solutions .

  • Private cloud computing projects mainly focus on enterprise messaging, finance/accounting, human resources, data storage, collaborative tool, databases and servers.

  • The company can open its virtualized applications to business partners such as suppliers.
  • Enforce the rules of corporate governance , particularly with regard to the privacy policy of the company.
  • Reduced deployment time , flexibility ( implementation of adhoc modules) and better cost control.

  • VeePee provides solution that allows its customers to share the cost related to the storage of data.
  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud allows large companies to connect their data centers to Amazon's cloud computing resources via a VPN connection. They can move their applications (messaging, financial tools, CRM applications) in the Amazon cloud without losing control of their data.
  • EMC and VPLEX: This virtualization solution allows a company to have a unified vision of its virtualized storage across one or more datacenters.

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