How to create your blog?

April 2018

Overview of different solutions to create and host a blog, from the simplest to the most complex .
Blogger is the blogging platform from Google. Creating a Google account is the first step to create a blog with Blogger .
The parameters to be configured :
  • The title.
  • Blog address- URL.
  • Theme.

Once past these steps, Blogger allows users to edit the URL of the blog (with the option to buy a domain name) and customize the appearance of the blog, with widgets, editable pages, slide shows, etc. .
It is possible to connect a blog hosted on Blogger to a Google+ profile, in order to indentify the author and improve the SEO of articles .
  • Skyrock is one of the most important blogging platforms, with over 32 million blogs online .
  • To create a blog on Skyrock, you must first create a profile. The nickname will be used as blog name. The steps for creating the blog are similar to those of other platforms, with the choice of the theme and a description.

The Tumblr is often used to publish short formats, especially photos or animated GIFs .
Creating a Tumblr blog:
  • title.
  • address-URL.
  • profile image.
  • publications on social networks.
  • theme.
  • categories.
  • On some news media websites, it is possible to create your own space. But there is often available as a paid option and for subscribers only. This is particularly the case on the website of the newspaper Le Monde.

The instructions for creating a blog on :
  • Get in your personal space.
  • Select "create a blog".
  • Choose a name that will appear in the URL and a theme.
  • Choose a title.

WordPress is one of the most successful solutions to create and host a blog
The user has a choice:
  • Use the platform: the simplest and most basic.
  • Download the WordPress solution and host the blog on a server.

The first solution is free and as easy to use (same as Blogger).
The second requires the purchase of a domain name and a template. It allows the installation of plug- ins and several customization option.

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