BÉPO - A keyboard layout optimized for the French language

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The limitations of the current keyboard layouts

The current keyboard layouts (QWERTY, AZERTY..) were created to prevent overlapping of letters when typing on mechanical typewriters.
  • This mechanical limitation is no longer valid, so it is quite logical to imagine a more efficient keyboard.

The Dvorak keyboard

  • In August 1936, Dvorak is the first (with his brother William Dealay) to imagine a keyboard optimized for user comfort and analysis of the frequency of the use of characters.
  • In fact, the most commonly used letters are placed along the middle line (home row) of the keyboard.

The BÉPO keyboard

The BÉPO keyboard layout is optimized for typing French and programming languages ??on computer keyboards.
  • The organization of letters and symbols is the result of a statistical and ergonomic study which tends to reduce the movement of hands during touch typing.

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Here's a video demonstrating the difference in the movement of hands when using different keyboard layouts:

The BÉPO keyboard layout has improved several things:
  • All the mostly used characters are on the home row.
  • A balance the use of both hands
  • ...etc

How to master the BÉPO keyboard?

Compatible operating systems

Bepo the keyboard is available for the following OS platforms:
  • Android
  • GNU/Linux
  • Mac OS X
  • BSD
  • OpenIndiana
  • Windows

Simply install the driver for your system and change the default keyboard layout. A portable version of the drivers also exist.

Getting started

  • After configuring your keyboard, you'll find that the most frequently used letters are within the range of your fingertips and that you can quickly start typing simple sentences.
  • A short adaptation time will be required, however the logic of the arrangement of letters should allow you to type faster and in a much less tiring way.

There are learning and training software for Windows and GNU/Linux such as:

A free project

The ultimate goal of the Bépo keyboard is of course to make the AZERTY keyboard obsolete, but it won't be so easy.
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