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How to create a visual resume?

Graphics, dynamic presentations, slideshows and videos : Several types of visual content can be used to enhance your CV and attract the eye of recruiters: What tools and methods can be used to create a visual resume?
  • A visual resume takes the form of a computer graphics (a single image). It brings together different elements: texts, graphics, timeline, social links, etc.
  • These visual elements should not overload the resume and must be arranged in a coherent way.
  • Define a graphic charter for your resume : colours, images, typography, choice of font , etc. .
  • For better visibility: book a dedicated domain name (if possible), with an appropriate extension.
  • Base yourself on existing CV models. Pinterest offers a gallery of infographics and visual resumes.

Use a dedicated platform to create and publish your visual resume:
  • easily create a visual resume without prior knowledge in computer graphics.
  • develop your personal branding on Google via a personalized URL (e.g vizualize.me/ myname)
  • share graphics created on other platforms, such as Pinterest .
  • Vizualize.me can convert the information from a LinkedIn user profile into a computer graphics.You can create your visual resume from scratch, via an intuitive WYSIWYG interface. It also provide several tools to customize your resume: graphical themes, colors, fonts, backgrounds.
  • To create a computer graphic, simply enter different fields of information: summary of the profile, experience, training, skills, interests, language skills, recommendations and awards.
  • Re.vu can also generate a computer graphics by importing data from a LinkedIn profile or via an online editor .

  • The interface provides several fields: personal data (biography), chronology (timeline), portfolio, training.
  • This tool can be used to represent the key elements of your career, using different graphic elements: diagrams, pie chart, barcharts, percentage, etc..
  • This tool allows you to put particular emphasis on the skills acquired throughout your career .
  • It offers different default graphics which visually translate the level of acquired skills throughout your career, your personal preferences...etc

  • Another unique way to highlight his resume, is to turn it into slideshow (PowerPoint).
  • You can broadcast the slideshow on the Internet, using platforms like SlideShare.
  • From there the presentation can be inserted into other web media: blogs, websites, social networks, etc. .

Learn more 4 Steps to Creating a Visual Resume That Stands Out.
Prezi is an online tool that allows you to create dynamic and creative presentations .
  • The site offers three models slideshows specially adapted to the creation of visual resume.
  • The first two templates can provide full details of your career and showcase your portfolio, the third one (Timeline) focuses on the progression of your career via a dynamic timeline.
  • The "summary, work experience and training" sections of LinkedIn allows you to enhance your profile with photos, videos and documents.
  • Taxgedo and Wordle are two online tools that generate tag clouds.

  • This type of presentation is used for example to highlight your areas of expertise.

Several platforms can be used to host video resumes:
  • Vimeo
  • YouTube
  • Vine

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