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Smartphones - How to backup your address book?

Smartphones - How to backup your address book?

You no longer have to go through the tedious task of copying all of your contacts one by one, modern smartphones allows you to export your contacts list/address book in the cloud. This service is either native to the device itself or offered by the mobile operator.
Prerequisite: Save all your contacts on the SIM card or the memory card of your mobile.

The backup service offered by mobile operators

Most of the popular mobile operators provide a cloud based backup solution to their subscribers (email, phone number, address book...).
  • The backup is achieved through the synchronization of your contacts list stored on the SIM card or memory card of your device, with an online directory.
  • The contacts details are stored a dedicated online space and can be viewed, updated or edited at any moment.

Backup your contact list from your smartphone

  • Most smartphones are equipped with a synchronization feature that allows you to save and update the your contact list on a computer and vice versa.

Windows Phone

Windows Phone will automatically backup your contact list (via the Microsoft Cloud)
  • However, it is possible to perform the backup manually: Settings> Backup> Application List & Settings> Backup Now .
  • To export an address book from a WindowsPhone to another file, go to the Windows SkyDrive cloud storage service > Contacts > Select All > Manage> Export.


The address book of your Android is linked to your Google account (Gmail).
To save your address book:
  • Sign in to Gmail > Click Contacts > and More.
  • Go to All contacts > Export.
  • Contact synchronization is then performed automatically.


iTunes is still the easiest way to save all contacts from your iPhone or other iOS device.
  • Connect your iOS device to your PC and open iTunes.
  • In iTunes, go to Devices> Save.

BlackBerry OS

The Backup Contacts apps allows you to backup your contacts on your SD card or email.
Get the app on this link: Backup Contacts
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