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Ebooks- How to read your comics books and graphic novels?

Ebooks - the different formats

According to online bookstores, several formats can be offered for download .
  • PDF - The standard digital format will keep the formatting options set by the publisher. The majority of e-readers and tablets support this format. are able to take
  • Epub - This standard format automatically adjusts to the size of the screen and allows dynamic reading.
  • Azw - A closed format by Amazon, for the Kindle tablet.

The formats used for comics and graphic novels

  • Epub Fixed Layout - The optimized for the comics books. It supports colored pages, page scrolling and the original layout chosen by the publisher.

Tablets or ebook readers?

Ebook readers

For some e-readers, e-books are only available in black and white and its better to avoid these models.


E-books can also be read from a tablet, provided that you have the right application installed.
  • The Amazon Kindle app is available for iOS and Android.
  • Epub format can be read by apps like iBooks (iOS) or Bluefire (iOS and Android).
  • Some tablets designed for the young audiences offer dedicated apps to read ebooks.

How to download your comics books

From a computer

You can download the comics book on a computer and then transfer them on your ebook-reader or tablet:
  • Choose comics in the online bookstore and select the desired format.
  • Download the file to your computer
  • Connect your portable device to your computer using the provided USB cable.
  • Sync your data.

From your portable device

  • Access the online bookstore and download the desired e-book.
  • Once downloaded the e-book is directly stored in the appropriate library.

Optimize your reading experience

Some parameters can be adjusted to ensure the best reading experience:
  • Brightness
  • Font size
  • Zoom on picture
  • Reading direction

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